GIRL & IT's sequel to be released as graphic novels

2015-10-02 18:57:19 by mohdfikree


It's been months since my last journal. Been busy working on my feature-length animated film, HUJAN DAN HIJAU, and other projects. I know some of you are waiting for GIRL & IT's sequel, THE HEART OF THEM and here I am to announce that they'll be released as graphic novels. The first chapter should be ready by August 2016.

I'm still planning to work on it as an animated film, but right now I'm pretty much busy working on my current projects, unfortunately. Right now, you can check out the covers for THE HEART OF THEM's graphic novels.




Regards, Mohammad Ahmed FikreeĀ


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2015-10-03 12:09:18

Will keep an eye out for this and other works you produce.