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First look at GIRL & IT's final version

7/7/13 by mohdfikree


Few months ago, I shared here and Youtube a short teaser for my upcoming short animated film, GIRL & IT. I did mentioned before that the final version will look completely different (I think...). You can now see a new still from the final version below.

Adobe finally released Creative Cloud here in the Middle East, especially in Dubai, UAE, where I'm currently living. I love mostly everything they offered in Creative Cloud, and my favorite exclusive feature is Adobe Muse CC. The only problem I have is Adobe Flash Professional CC. Now, I love this version but the biggest issue I have is that its brush and pencil aren't responding well with both of my Wacom Cintiq 21UX and 13HD. I guess I'll have to wait for Adobe to update Flash to fix this annoying bug...

Anyway, stay tuned for more upcoming news on GIRL & IT!

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

First look at GIRL & IT's final version


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I do, however hope that you can get the most out of it. I look forward to your next movie.



That actually showed up on one of my favorites' Twitter feed, this thing about Flash CC. It was actually kind of funny, as it happened:

-Downloading Flash Professional CC trial ! Let's see if they fixed anything!! Haha i highly doubt it
-Flash CC test diary : The brush tool STILL depends on zoom %
-Flash CC test diary : The video export ACTUALLY WORKS! And exports in perfect quality! tbc.
-Flash CC test diary : But a 2 second filter spam test animation weighs 500MB! In the end Swivel is still superior! GO @Newgrounds
-Flash CC test diary : They removed bone tool and deco tool and Action script 2 support. Brush is still clunky.
-Flash CC test diary : Fuck it... I'm done - I don't see the point of checking this version any further. Nothing new for animators
-Flash CC test diary : Fellow animators - just stay with whatever Flash you have now. Preferably Macromedia ones or just go Toon Boom
-Flash CC test diary : END"

He pretty much saved me the time of bothering with it...