First look at GIRL & IT's final version

2013-07-07 09:12:52 by mohdfikree


Few months ago, I shared here and Youtube a short teaser for my upcoming short animated film, GIRL & IT. I did mentioned before that the final version will look completely different (I think...). You can now see a new still from the final version below.

Adobe finally released Creative Cloud here in the Middle East, especially in Dubai, UAE, where I'm currently living. I love mostly everything they offered in Creative Cloud, and my favorite exclusive feature is Adobe Muse CC. The only problem I have is Adobe Flash Professional CC. Now, I love this version but the biggest issue I have is that its brush and pencil aren't responding well with both of my Wacom Cintiq 21UX and 13HD. I guess I'll have to wait for Adobe to update Flash to fix this annoying bug...

Anyway, stay tuned for more upcoming news on GIRL & IT!

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

First look at GIRL & IT's final version


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2013-07-07 10:02:36

That actually showed up on one of my favorites' Twitter feed, this thing about Flash CC. It was actually kind of funny, as it happened:

-Downloading Flash Professional CC trial ! Let's see if they fixed anything!! Haha i highly doubt it
-Flash CC test diary : The brush tool STILL depends on zoom %
-Flash CC test diary : The video export ACTUALLY WORKS! And exports in perfect quality! tbc.
-Flash CC test diary : But a 2 second filter spam test animation weighs 500MB! In the end Swivel is still superior! GO @Newgrounds
-Flash CC test diary : They removed bone tool and deco tool and Action script 2 support. Brush is still clunky.
-Flash CC test diary : Fuck it... I'm done - I don't see the point of checking this version any further. Nothing new for animators
-Flash CC test diary : Fellow animators - just stay with whatever Flash you have now. Preferably Macromedia ones or just go Toon Boom
-Flash CC test diary : END"

He pretty much saved me the time of bothering with it...


2013-07-07 10:05:12

I do, however hope that you can get the most out of it. I look forward to your next movie.