What is the actual genre for GIRL & IT?

2013-08-03 22:25:10 by mohdfikree


So I've been getting some personal messages from people asking me what is the actual genre for my upcoming short animated film, GIRL & IT. Let me give you an idea what to expect from GIRL & IT, the main theme of this short film is dilemma (which I will not give any details...ever! It'll ruin if I'll reveal it). The movie will focus a lot on adventure, drama and romantic. There are very few humorous moments for audiences to laugh or chuckle but that's just about it.

I guess you can say the main genre for GIRL & IT is adventure-romantic-drama...

ANYWAY, enjoy this new still from the movie. Stay tuned for more upcoming news and don't forget to follow me at Twitter (http://twitter.com/mohdfikree) and Instagram (http://instagram.com/mohdfikree) and like GIRL & IT's official page (https://www.facebook.com/GirlAndIt)

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

What is the actual genre for GIRL & IT?


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