Public viewers may have to wait for 3 years...

2013-10-21 21:03:31 by mohdfikree


Hope all of you are well and healthy! GIRL & IT is ready for film festivals! So far I have done 5 private screenings for it and audiences were really surprised by how much I have improved with my animation and storytelling skills. Though I won't say anything about the story, because y'know...spoilers. So far I have received very few negative feedback and mostly positive from invited audiences on the film's narrative, animation, original scores and how everything else are executed.

Anyway, though I am happy to enroll this movie to film festivals around the world, that also makes me sad, not too little or big. It is because during the film's adventure to film festivals, I CANNOT share it here or anywhere else like Youtube, Vimeo, ect, for three years. I know it sucks, but unfortunately that is the rule. But hey, if GIRL & IT is going to be showcased to any film festivals near you, be sure to NOT miss it!

Take care and happy Halloween! (Though I am Muslim, that doesn't mean I cannot join the fun. *wears something scary*)

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

Public viewers may have to wait for 3 years...


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2013-10-21 21:54:23

Can you tell us where it's showing? And three years is such a long time, it makes me sad :*(

(Updated ) mohdfikree responds:

Hi jecjoker! Thank you for the respond. Unfortunately, I cannot share these kinds of details until film festivals officially announce the lineups. Will let you know when and where will they screen the movie. Stay tuned!


2013-10-22 07:57:07

Howdy Mohammad. How many festivals did you submit to? Do you plan to submit to any more or are you done?

mohdfikree responds:

Hi SpikeVallentine,

Now I cannot share which film festivals I've submitted, BUT what I can tell you is that I haven't submit it to anywhere in the US yet. I am thinking of either Sundance Film Festival, or New York Tribacca Film Festival.


2013-10-22 09:29:02

Are muslims allowed to portray humans or anything which is related to the real world?

mohdfikree responds:

Hi kkots,

It depends. But it is best to not talk about it in this entry. It is best to discuss about my upcoming short animated film, GIRL & IT.


2013-10-22 11:14:56

Looks like some very serious work ? How much time it took u ?

mohdfikree responds:

Hi Kembry,

To be honest with you, GIRL & IT project actually started in 2009 as a prototype animation for one of my movie called CHILDREN (which you can watch the movie here: You can also watch the prototype version here ( Keep in mind, this animation was made in 2009. terrible compare to the final version.

I began working on the final version since November 2012 after I've thought that GIRL & IT's concept can create a beautiful story. So since then, I worked on it non-stop, though I did get distracted from work and family, but thank God I managed to finish the project recently.

I really cannot wait to share this movie here, but like I mentioned at the entry, public viewers will have to wait for a very, VERY long time.

Thank you for your respond, and stay tuned!


2013-10-22 14:09:40

Alright, I'll take a wild guess and say 4 festivals.

mohdfikree responds:

Nah, so far only two film festivals as premier (one in the Middle East and the other somewhere in Europe). Will update you when they officially announce their lineups.


2013-10-22 21:59:35

I thought the title meant IT from information technology! XD

The trailer is thrilling but there was a slight problem the characters look more like poppets! but that is not a really big deal!

mohdfikree responds:

Hi A-Genius,

Believe me, you're not the only one, as a lot of people had the same though. I am still a little annoyed, hehe. There is a reason why I added 'it' rather than 'beast' or 'monster'.


2013-10-23 07:33:19

The sad part is, there will probably be some people who'll record this movie in the theater and illegally upload it to YouTube or torrent sites anyway...

mohdfikree responds:

Hi Abcormal,

I hope that kind of stuff will never happen to this film. Usually in film festivals they're always careful. Volunteers and staffs job during the screening is to make sure audiences do not have their cameras switched on or even exposed, for all cameras will have to be placed in their bags or outside the theater until the screening is over.


2013-11-02 15:59:19

Good luck with the film festivals ;)
Maybe we'll see you in cinema soon, if you keep on doing this awsome stuff

mohdfikree responds:

Thanks! Stay tuned!