GIRL & IT now has an IMDB page

2013-11-13 15:46:11 by mohdfikree


GIRL & IT now finally has an IMDB page ( I had an IMDB page since my first short film, MAD CAMEL (2011), but the annoying thing is when updating anything, it will take days for the IMDB team to review them before updating whatever I changed.

Next week I will reveal which film festival GIRL & IT will premiere in the Middle East. Don't forget to like its official Facebook page ( and also to follow me at Instagram ( to get the latest updates.

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

GIRL & IT now has an IMDB page


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2013-11-14 04:04:27

I wonder what program do you use?!

mohdfikree responds:

Hi A-Genius,

If you're referring to the movie, I only used Adobe Flash for animation, Adobe Photoshop for textures and Adobe After Effects for 3D cameras and effects like particles. The resolution of the movie is 2K (thought film festivals will receive the exhibit format of 1080p with letterbox).


2013-11-14 08:43:20

Awesome news!

mohdfikree responds:

Thanks! Also, I got an exciting news I am going to share here by the end of December. Stay tuned!


2013-11-15 13:28:42

It's going to feature talking birds and mountains, that's for sure.
This entire movie, IMDB page, festivals and the list of programs that you used - an impressive mix.

mohdfikree responds:

Hi kkots,

If you haven't been following my instagram, Sunrise Mountain (Kagrada-Oakhko) is the name of the main character while Flying Bird (Jisa-Atensa) and Night Bear (Dangraheda-Reela) are two other characters' names from the same tribe. The main dialogue/language of this film is their own language known as Atlartor but English subtitles are provided throughout the movie, though there are not much dialogues.