My new album is now available

2015-05-28 00:28:32 by mohdfikree



You can now get my latest album, RAIN VERY SOON, at for $2.99.


RAIN VERY SOON is my third album. My first album, BEYOND, was released in iTunes in 2011 and because the hard drive that contained the original project files from 2010 to 2012 are corrupted, I can’t extract them and release them at Bandcamp. The original soundtrack for my recent animated film, GIRL & IT, was my second album to release and I’m so grateful that many of you loved the scores. Thank you so much!


I really hope you’ll enjoy this latest album of mine. You can also visit my Soundcloud page ( to check out other songs of mine and also some experimental ones. I’m also currently working with Twice A Man on a remix album of my favorite puzzle-platform game of all time, KULA WORLD (also known as KULA QUEST (JP) and ROLL AWAY (NA)) and yes, they are the same artists who composed the music for the game back in 1996! Super excited! The album is (for now) called KULA WORLD 20.


Anyway, enjoy and I hope you guys will really enjoy! Lemme know if you have any question(s).


Regards, Mohammad Ahmed Fikree


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2015-06-14 09:20:09

By any chance, are you the guy who drew the image on the Wii U saying the Game Grumps were the worst players of Super Mario 3D World? O_O

(Updated ) mohdfikree responds:

Yup, that's me. From where did you find out about it? lol


2015-06-15 03:59:42

The Runaway Guys' ep17 of their Super Mario 3D World commentary actually feature your message at the end, and Chuggaaconroy recognises you. ^_^ I thought to myself, there's only one other place where I have seen that name, so I thought I'd ask, as a matter of breaking the ice.

By the way, fellow musician and artist here. Nice to meet you, and I hope that we could perhaps be some manner of friends.