New trailer on the way + national service

2015-12-26 09:59:05 by mohdfikree


Almost a year ago, I shared a concept trailer for my upcoming feature-length animated film HUJAN DAN HIJAU here at Newgrounds and Youtube. Now the trailer was removed some months ago, the film's new trailer is on its way! It will be shared here at Newgrounds on January 8th, 2016.

Now, the bad news (for me)... Starting from January 16th (a week after I publish the teaser trailer), I'll start my national service. The service is going to be nine months, but thankfully I'll have my weekends and I will do my best to complete the project. The plan is to have it ready for next year's Dubai International Film Festival and for the first time outside the country like Vancouver International Film Festival and other big places. HUJAN DAN HIJAU is not only my first but UAE's first feature-length animated film. I honestly cannot wait to have the movie ready and share it around the world. I can confirm that the full movie will NOT be available here at Newgrounds but will be available in online stores like Vimeo On Demand and maybe iTunes as well.


HUJAN DAN HIJAU, starring D.C Douglas (Albert Wesker, RESIDENT EVIL 5), Guy Cihi (James Sunderland, SILENT HILL 2, Adam Harrington (Bigby, WOLF AMONG US) with Emirati actresses Meera Al Midfa and first time voice over work, Ayesha Mohammed.

Stay tuned for the animated film's trailer on January 8th, 2016!

Regards, Mohammad Ahmed FikreeĀ


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2015-12-26 10:01:55

Good luck,soldier and Happy New Year!(if I forget)

mohdfikree responds:

Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


2015-12-29 10:03:46

wait!!! does this mean you will release a new masterpiece???!!!
and will it be released on Jan????

ooh god help you bro with the national service XD
am glad that i have just finished the hard part of the service which where the 1st and 2nd phase (it was hard because i was stuck with kids and highschool idiots -.-) but i guess that u will be in a better environment (surrounded by adults)

mohdfikree responds:

I think you misread, I will release the trailer on January 8th, not the full movie. The full movie will be done by November 2016 and will not be available here or anywhere else but Vimeo On Demand (and most like iTunes, too).

Thank you and I hope all had gone well with your national service experience.