What to expect soon?

2017-05-09 01:49:04 by mohdfikree


So what have I been up to? Been working on my animated feature-length, of course. But I've been quiet, been very busy. Two months ago, I got married and I tried to adjust my life style with my wife. The good news is that all are sorted out and I can continue working on the project. I’m glad that my wife supports me on what I’m doing, in fact, she’s pretty much excited for the movie to be completed, so there’s that.

Like I mentioned before, I expect to finish the movie this year, but I doubt it’ll go world premiere at film festival this year, for the production’s ending will pass the deadline for submission. If I am to delay, it’s actually a good thing, because it’ll give me more time to polish and more importantly do some private screenings for feedback before it’ll go for film festivals around the world.

Below you can find two stills from the finalized version. Unlike from the concept trailers, the finalized version will feature proper facial expressions, better cinematography, appropriate uses of colors and many things that are based on feedback from my previous animated shorts like ATLARTOR: GIRL & IT and CHILDREN.

The trailer should be ready by July, but will update youif anything changes.



Regards, Mohammad Ahmed Fikree www.mohdfikree.com


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2017-05-09 20:14:48

Really nice screenshots! Reminds me of another NG animator around here.


2017-09-23 15:51:58

Congrats on the marriage! And looks like the animation's shaping up. :)