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mohdfikree's News

Posted by mohdfikree - July 7th, 2013


Few months ago, I shared here and Youtube a short teaser for my upcoming short animated film, GIRL & IT. I did mentioned before that the final version will look completely different (I think...). You can now see a new still from the final version below.

Adobe finally released Creative Cloud here in the Middle East, especially in Dubai, UAE, where I'm currently living. I love mostly everything they offered in Creative Cloud, and my favorite exclusive feature is Adobe Muse CC. The only problem I have is Adobe Flash Professional CC. Now, I love this version but the biggest issue I have is that its brush and pencil aren't responding well with both of my Wacom Cintiq 21UX and 13HD. I guess I'll have to wait for Adobe to update Flash to fix this annoying bug...

Anyway, stay tuned for more upcoming news on GIRL & IT!

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

First look at GIRL & IT's final version

Posted by mohdfikree - March 22nd, 2013


Six years ago, I started composing soundtrack for John Cooney (jmtb02) and Armor Games online flash games like Ball Revamped V: Synergy, Elements and Frontier. Today, I would like to share with you a soundtrack album I composed of my favorite game by John Cooney, TBA 2 (aka: TBA TWO).

TBA 2 was actually my first album to fully composed with MIDI and very few of pre-made samples. I actually talked to John on when are we ganna make TBA 3 or Ball Revamped reboot, he said when the time is right. That was two years ago. Oh well...

Anyway, you can listen to the album here (https://soundcloud.com/mohdfikree/sets/tba2) and also be sure to play TBA 2 and some of John's games at his website (http://jmtb02.com). Have fun and take care!

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

TBA 2 Soundtrack is now live

Posted by mohdfikree - February 26th, 2013


As some of you may heard about my upcoming short film called GIRL & IT, I can confirm that it is coming to Newgrounds 2015, while the production will end in August this year.

Reason why so late is because of film festivals, I'm not allowed to showcase the film in public during film festivals. But for the first time ever, I'm considering it to apply to film festivals in America. Now I know nothing about film festivals in America...well, there's Sundance Film Festival, but that's just about it, but Sundance is pretty tough to get in.

Some of the tutors and students have already seen the work-in-progress version and they said the quality feels like a feature-length film, which is a good thing. But the still you see below is not even final. There are so much to be added. I dunno, I feel like there are a lot of missing contents. They also loved the story, said it is one of my best, but needed some scenes to be well polished. Receiving feedback are important, even the harsh ones, I always need them to improve.

You can check out the trailer for GIRL & IT, but keep in mind, all the scenes from the trailer are work-in-progress. There will be many changes when I will reveal its new trailer this October.

Stay tuned!

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

GIRL & IT coming to Newgrounds 2015

Posted by mohdfikree - February 22nd, 2013


I just wanna thank you all for posting your honest reviews for my recent film CHILDREN. For those who criticized, I wanna thank you, too. I'm taking notes based on you all said for me to improve myself.

I'm currently working on a new short animation exclusively for Newgrounds, but what could it be? Drama? Comedy? Will let you know when it's ready!

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

Thank you // Working on a new short