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Posted by mohdfikree - July 4th, 2018




You can now watch the teaser trailer for my upcoming animated feature THE HEART OF THEM.

LINK: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/713651


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Posted by mohdfikree - May 9th, 2017


So what have I been up to? Been working on my animated feature-length, of course. But I've been quiet, been very busy. Two months ago, I got married and I tried to adjust my life style with my wife. The good news is that all are sorted out and I can continue working on the project. I’m glad that my wife supports me on what I’m doing, in fact, she’s pretty much excited for the movie to be completed, so there’s that.

Like I mentioned before, I expect to finish the movie this year, but I doubt it’ll go world premiere at film festival this year, for the production’s ending will pass the deadline for submission. If I am to delay, it’s actually a good thing, because it’ll give me more time to polish and more importantly do some private screenings for feedback before it’ll go for film festivals around the world.

Below you can find two stills from the finalized version. Unlike from the concept trailers, the finalized version will feature proper facial expressions, better cinematography, appropriate uses of colors and many things that are based on feedback from my previous animated shorts like ATLARTOR: GIRL & IT and CHILDREN.

The trailer should be ready by July, but will update youif anything changes.



Regards, Mohammad Ahmed Fikree www.mohdfikree.com

Posted by mohdfikree - December 26th, 2015


Almost a year ago, I shared a concept trailer for my upcoming feature-length animated film HUJAN DAN HIJAU here at Newgrounds and Youtube. Now the trailer was removed some months ago, the film's new trailer is on its way! It will be shared here at Newgrounds on January 8th, 2016.

Now, the bad news (for me)... Starting from January 16th (a week after I publish the teaser trailer), I'll start my national service. The service is going to be nine months, but thankfully I'll have my weekends and I will do my best to complete the project. The plan is to have it ready for next year's Dubai International Film Festival and for the first time outside the country like Vancouver International Film Festival and other big places. HUJAN DAN HIJAU is not only my first but UAE's first feature-length animated film. I honestly cannot wait to have the movie ready and share it around the world. I can confirm that the full movie will NOT be available here at Newgrounds but will be available in online stores like Vimeo On Demand and maybe iTunes as well.


HUJAN DAN HIJAU, starring D.C Douglas (Albert Wesker, RESIDENT EVIL 5), Guy Cihi (James Sunderland, SILENT HILL 2, Adam Harrington (Bigby, WOLF AMONG US) with Emirati actresses Meera Al Midfa and first time voice over work, Ayesha Mohammed.

Stay tuned for the animated film's trailer on January 8th, 2016!

Regards, Mohammad Ahmed Fikree www.mohdfikree.com

Posted by mohdfikree - November 27th, 2015


First off, happy 20th anniversary Newgrounds!

Regarding my upcoming feature-length animated film, HUJAN DAN HIJAU, I would like to welcome two more voice cast, they're known for their voice works in popular video games. I already shared few months ago that D.C Douglas (Albert Wesker from RESIDENT EVIL 5) has joined and already recorded his parts, the two other voice cast are Guy Cihi (James Sunderland from SILENT HILL 2) and Adam Harrington (Bigby from WOLF AMONG US). Thankfully Cihi has already finished his scenes and now currently working with Harrington on his. Production is going well so far and 
I just now started the animation production.


Hopefully I'll finally prepare a new teaser trailer for this coming January. Stay tuned!

Regards, Mohammad Ahmed Fikree www.mohdfikree.com

Posted by mohdfikree - May 28th, 2015



You can now get my latest album, RAIN VERY SOON, at https://mohdfikree.bandcamp.com/album/rain-very-soon for $2.99.


RAIN VERY SOON is my third album. My first album, BEYOND, was released in iTunes in 2011 and because the hard drive that contained the original project files from 2010 to 2012 are corrupted, I can’t extract them and release them at Bandcamp. The original soundtrack for my recent animated film, GIRL & IT, was my second album to release and I’m so grateful that many of you loved the scores. Thank you so much!


I really hope you’ll enjoy this latest album of mine. You can also visit my Soundcloud page (http://soundcloud.com/mohdfikree) to check out other songs of mine and also some experimental ones. I’m also currently working with Twice A Man on a remix album of my favorite puzzle-platform game of all time, KULA WORLD (also known as KULA QUEST (JP) and ROLL AWAY (NA)) and yes, they are the same artists who composed the music for the game back in 1996! Super excited! The album is (for now) called KULA WORLD 20.


Anyway, enjoy and I hope you guys will really enjoy! Lemme know if you have any question(s).


Regards, Mohammad Ahmed Fikree www.mohdfikree.com

Posted by mohdfikree - May 19th, 2015




You can now pre-order my upcoming music album, RAIN VERY SOON, at https://mohdfikree.bandcamp.com/album/rain-very-soon. The album will be available on 28th May for $2.99. The album features 8 tracks, including one from HUJAN DAN HIJAU: Original Soundtrack (which will release on January 2016).


Hope you guys will enjoy listening to them!


Regards, Mohammad Ahmed Fikree www.mohdfikree.com


Posted by mohdfikree - April 16th, 2015


I want to thank you all for watching my recent submission ATLARTOR: GIRL & IT! It also instantly got featured at Newgrounds' front page and I was actually surprised! I also want to thank you all for giving me your honest feedback, they really helped me a lot to know what you loved and hated. The most important thing is to improve based on your feedback, especially from harsh ones. Many filmmakers and animators (from big to indie ones) these days usually ignore criticisms because they felt that they’re always right and not their viewers, they’ll always go for the ones who loved their movies and not the ones who didn’t enjoy.


Art concept for my upcoming animated film, HUJAN DAN HIJAU

When I joined the film/animation industry, and when I submitted by first animated film into film festivals, many filmmakers, all young and old ones, bragged to each that they make better films and each other and to be honest, I hated being dragged into these kind of topics or even moments. I usually tell them that I’m not exactly in the competitions to compete, but to learn almost everything from each other, in terms of storytelling, errors, technical and many other things. And the other reason (and this is important) on why I joined film festivals is because I need to know and understand audiences around the world, that that is the most difficult part because many of them have different tastes on what they enjoyed. I have yet to understand audiences who go to cinemas to watch big-budget films like Michael Bay (and no, I do NOT enjoy most of his work, especially his recent works). Christopher Nolan and his brother, Jonathan, are two of my favorite writers and Chris as a director. It was his movies who inspired me and got me into being serious when writing stories for either animated or live-action films (I haven’t done any live-action film yet). The Nolan brothers are my role model, but before you say anything, no, I’m not talking about making everything gritty-versions and all that, but coming up with originalities. I hope one day, just for once in my life, I want to meet both of them and give them a big hug to thank them for inspired me to get into the film industry. Just in case you’re wonder what Christopher Nolan film that got me into becoming what I am today. Well, that film would be The Prestige, 2006.

I also want to announce that in few months, I’m going to ditch Adobe Flash and moving to Toon Boom Harmony. The reason is because of the limitations in Adobe Flash. Now I know that there are many hardcore animators who still use Adobe Flash and does better job than many animators (I’m one of them, haha). Because of the limitations, I didn’t get how I needed for my recent works, especially ATLARTOR: GIRL & IT, and yes, the animation wasn’t great because, again, all was made in Adobe Flash. With Toon Boom Harmony 12, with their recent updates in it, all of my problems are about to be solved. I’m still learning and experimenting with the software and hopefully to master most of its tools within few months (I’m a fast learner, so there’s that).

Anyway, that’s all I can share with you and, again, thank you so much! Glad to know that most of you enjoyed ATLARTOR: GIRL & IT’s storyline. Some of you asked me if this is a prequel, well, I did announced a year ago that GIRL & IT is the first installment of the ATLARTOR Trilogy (winks), so yeah, expect two more sequels.

Take care and have an awesome weekend (it’s weekend here in Dubai, UAE).

Regards, Mohammad Ahmed Fikree www.mohdfikree.com